Pioneering a New Generation

FitTender has our own idea of a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle where you sleep satisfied and wake up eager. A lifestyle where you make the most out of your time. Time to do more of what makes you feel better, instead of what makes you look better.

Carefully Crafted

We cook up unique ways to bring variety and excitement into your life. You can always try something new, like baking homemade paleo bread.

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Proudly Social

You’ll get to work and hang out with others who share similar goals as you. There are lot of memories to come.

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Inspiring Mentors

We’ve spent tons of time finding leaders in your community dedicated to your success. We won’t stop until your goals are crossed off.

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Designed for balance

FitTender makes life easier to do more of what you want, when you want. We’ll focus on balancing your lifestyle, ending with a healthier you.

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